Mantis Tiller Review by an Actual Owner

Mantis Tiller Review
Mantis Tiller Review

Anyone who is even remotely interested in gardening should consider adding a Mantis Tiller Cultivator to his or her gardening tools collection, and that is why I share this Mantis Tiller Review with you.

I don’t know if your are like me, but I had seen all those commercials for the Mantis tiller, and I really wondered if it was worth the money. I mean $300.00 or $400.00 dollars is a lot of money to spend on a tiny little garden tiller.

Well about 3 years ago I decided I was going to get a Mantis Cultivator and find out for myself if it was worth the money.

So this Mantis tiller review is from someone who actually owns one and who is sorry he didn’t buy one sooner!

Mantis Tiller Review – The Power Within

As I begin this Mantis tiller review, let me say that when I first received my Mantis, I was surprised by how lightweight it was. I have used a number of large garden tillers in my time and was thinking that there was no way this little tiller was going to have any power.

I was wrong–way wrong! Don’t let the size of the Mantis tiller fool you. This small garden tiller packs a wallop.

The Mantis rototiller’s size is to its advantage. As I said, I have used many large tillers in my time and have literally been beaten to death by them.

The Mantis tiller cultivator is small and compact and its tines are made to bust up hard ground and they actually turn many times faster than a conventional tiller.

The size of the Mantis makes it great to use in flower beds and raised garden beds, as well as your vegetable garden.

If you do have an extremely large plot of ground you intend to use for your vegetable garden, it would probably make sense to hire someone to come in and till the garden for you at the start. Once the garden has been tilled, you will be able to keep it in great shape with your Mantis.

One bit of information I wanted to include in this Mantis tiller review has to do with the tines. I noticed a common complaint that folks had with the Mantis was that the tines get clogged up with grass. Well, every garden tiller I have ever used gets clogged up with grass!

The beauty of the Mantis tiller is that its tines slip off easily making cleaning a snap. I can pull the tines off and clean them and put them back on in less than five minutes. Typically, I only have to clean the tines once during a usage of a couple of hours.

I included a before and after photo below that shows an area in my backyard that I tilled for a flower bed.

Mantis Tiller Review - Before & After
Mantis Tiller Review - Before & After

Mantis Tiller Review – Specifications

I also wanted to include some specifications in this Mantis tiller review.

  • Lightweight – Weights just 20 lbs.
  • Powerful – Will dig up to 10″ deep
  • Easy to Start
  • Compact and is only 9″ wide
  • Use it to plow furrows or dig holes
  • Perfect for raised garden bed and gardens of all sizes
  • Turn and Mix organic matter in a compost pile or heap
  • Tears through weeds and sod with ease
  • Handles fold down for storage

Mantis Tiller Review – Resources

I hope you have found this Mantis tiller review helpful. One of the first things that I used my Mantis for was installing and irrigation system. I used my Mantis to till up the areas where I intended to run my water lines. I was able to dig the ground up to a depth of over 10″. All I had to do was come back and scoop the dirt out of the ditches.

For more information about Mantis tillers, visit the Mantis website.

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