Every gardener needs some good basic gardening tools. Just like anything else, there is always a tool for a job, and gardening is no different. Whether it is digging, hoeing, or trimming, there are specific tools for gardening for each particular job you will encounter in your garden.

Gardening Tools – The Essentials

Your gardening tools arsenal should include the following tools:

  • Gloves – One of the first things that you should invest in is a good pair of gloves. Nothing is more miserable than trying to enjoy working in your garden with a blister in the palm of your hand.

    There are many kinds of gloves out there. The cheaper gloves will usually be made out of canvas or some other fabric. These types of gloves are often bulky and very uncomfortable to use while working in your garden.

    Instead, look for a pair of gloves that is made out of leather that is supple and flexible and yet will last. Goats hide is very soft, but it will not hold up to things like working with cinder block. These gloves will quickly have holes in the fingers. Pig skin is much better for rougher jobs such as handling rocks and bricks.

    Be will to pay for quality. Do not buy anything cheap when it comes to building up your gardening tools collection. ALWAYS pay for quality. You will not regret it ever.

  • Shovel – There are many kinds of shovels available. Get a good standard shovel because you will use it for many of the jobs in your garden such as planting trees and shrubs or digging and scooping.

    There are also specialized shovels and spades that are for specific tasks such as trenching or digging sod. Another type of shovel for your tool collection is a sod spade. It has a short handle and serrated blade for digging sod and digging in your garden.

  • Rake – There are many kinds of rakes from which to choose. A couple of good rakes for your gardening tools collection are a sweeper and a bow rake.

    A sweeper is great for raking leaves and pine needles and other debris in your garden. A bow rake is great for preparing garden beds, spreading mulch and covering furrows.

  • Cultivator – A good hoe is a necessary tool for one’s collection. A couple of goods hoes to have are a narrow, pointed hoe, and a wide, multipurpose hoe.
  • Pruners – There will always be things to cut around the garden. A good pair of lopping shears is great for cutting small tree limbs and trimming bushes.

    A good pair of hand pruners is great for cutting roses, plant foliage and small shrubs and limbs.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools – Resources

Every gardener needs a good collection of gardening tools. Remember there is a tool for every job in the garden, and you will be more productive and work more safely in your garden with the proper tools.

Above all else, be willing to pay for quality. Quality tools will last for years if they are well cared for. If you buy cheap tools, you will risk hurting yourself and you will be replacing tools every season.

A great manufacturer of gardening tools is Corona. Be sure to check out Corona’s website.

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